You wake up.

You feel like crap.

It’s fatigue, sickness, maybe a hangover, or some combination of these. You don’t want to go to work, but you’re not the type to take time off for something which you can still function at half throttle. Plus you need all the hours on the job as you can. So you grab your coffee and maybe an aspirin. You feel a bit better. A shower, some food, and the morning routine almost bring you back to fully functioning. This may be an OK day after all.

You travel to work and the weather is crappy. It’s supposed to be spring, but winter in all it’s slushiness has returned. Plus a traffic delay unrelated to the weather extends the commute even more. You get to the office, your feet are wet and the cold weather has notched up your cold symptoms. After five minutes of sitting, the fatigue comes back and beckons you to return to bed.

The day passes between interest in the job at hand and your body drawing attention to it’s sickness or a nice warm bed.

These are the most difficult days.

I’m finally going back to sleep.


~ by Frank on April 6, 2007.

3 Responses to “Crappy”

  1. You got stuck behind the train too?

  2. I’m feeling like that for over a month now. Can’t be the return of winter because I actually like that. Snow brightens up the streets, and I might even go skiing one of these days. If only I wasn’t so tired.

  3. vanou: Yep. Thankfully my passengers weren’t restless. And it’s interesting/unsettling when a train passes on the bridge and you’re bounced around like on a water bed.

    mare: It’s only been a week or two for me. And I was starting to think I could get by with less sleep. I’ve learned my lesson. I’m not against snow as much as I’m against it getting dark early. So weather-wise, I could put up for this for a bit longer. But I am itching to start doing some work outdoors.

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