Test the Nation

So I’ve taken the IQ test that Kowy and Jonas were on about. And to be honest, I’m a little disappointed with the results. I got a 127. No, that’s nothing to scoff at and I fully realize that there are people who are immensely smarter than I am. I’ve worked with some of them on a daily basis. It’s just that I had taken other IQ tests before and had tested in the 130 to 135 range. My excuse (see logic/reasoning) is that it is the end of the night.

One thing that I found interesting was their results for those who have taken the tests. Apparently middle aged, Virgo/Libra, red-haired, right-handed, night-lovin, oldest child, with two siblings, curling appreciating, meat eating, wine drinking folk who live in the prairies are the smartest in Canadia. So I’m most of the way there. I just need to conjure up another sibling and sip wine while taking up curling (it’s like darts/bowling on ice) and I’ll be a force to be reckoned with. Sorry, but I’ll give up that one brain cell instead of moving out west away from civilized living. And apparently Aries, black haired, lefty, morning lovin, only/youngest, basketball appreciating, vegan, alcohol abstaining folks from Atlantic provinces are a bit slow. Most notably those vegans. 103 instead of the average 109.5. Guess I’ll stick to my sausage.

Math, logic, and 3-d perception have always been my strong points. My laxidazicle (see misspelled and inappropriate) language skills have always kept me out of the upper echelon. Anyhoo, here is the breakdown of my scores:

Language: 8/12
Memory: 5/6
Logic: 11/12
Visual Memory: 4/6
Math: 12/12
Perception: 11/12

How did you score? (Looks like we have another meme on our hands.) Run away while you still can!


~ by Frank on March 20, 2007.

3 Responses to “Test the Nation”

  1. You offend me with your caumicle and lackadaisical spelling. Next you’ll talk to me about muzicle abilities, or nashnle security.

  2. Now that I look at the title, nation is an interesting choice given Quebec’s recent recognition as a nation.

    OK, I’ll stop wacking that cheval which should be pushin up the daisies.

  3. Not a bad score. Since your visual score was a bit lower then the rest I thought you may be intested in these visual memes:


    They automaticly update!

    Go Cubs!

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