“Where’s all the barking now?”

When we were living in France in 1995, my father came to visit. Unfortunately (or fortunately) there was a huge train strike and none of the trains were running for weeks. Since we did not have a car, it would have been very difficult to travel to Paris to see the sights. Plus I had no way to pick up my father from the airport. So he decided to rent a car and amazingly was able to find our place with no knowledge of French. Also considering the city was in complete gridlock.

Since we couldn’t go to Paris and we had the car, we decided to see the countryside. We took a trip to Normandy and a trip to the Loire Valley. One of the chateaus we had seen in the valley was the Chateau de Cheverny. The chateau was smaller and less extravagent that many of the others, but it will always be remembered because of this:


~ by Frank on March 18, 2007.

6 Responses to ““Where’s all the barking now?””

  1. Hah! That’s something, that is.

  2. Doggies!

  3. Yes, That was a very memorable event we discovered just by chance. The size of those dogs and their obedience to their master caretaker was an amazing example of dog and master. The whole day was a bit haunting with the foggy day at Normandy, totaly absent of any other vistors due to the strikes and bomb threats in Paris that weekend. A day I will always remember.

  4. That trip to Normandy was quite something. I’m very glad we got it on video. The other interesting part of the Loire trip was when we stopped in to buy wine from that old lady. I’m kinda surprised how well I spoke French back then, but I actually understand what she was asking us now. I should post that one also.

  5. It’s deeply troubling. It’s like dogs living in a concentration camp – fed improperly – ribs showing – spirits broken. It’s horrible. I don’t see any quaint countryside romance in the domination this owner has over his dogs – I see only the dog-human relationship abused to sickening degree. It’s hard for me to believe that anyone is entertained by this.

  6. I wouldn’t say entertained as much as amazed. And I was surprised to see via Youtube that it continues to this day. Though now they feed them chicken parts (bones and all) instead of that soup we saw that day.

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