The Ordeal

A couple weeks ago I decided I would get out more during my lunch hours and take photos around the neighborhood where I work. It was still cold then so I was wearing my winter jacket. Well at some point during a one day period, I lost the camera. I can only figure that it fell out of my coat pocket getting into or out of the car. I spent a few days checking and double checking any places I could have misplaced it, but finally had to accept that I had lost it. Luckily it only had some videos and pictures that I had taken walking around one lunch hour. It was a Canon SD300 Digital Elph, 4 megapixels.

The following weekend we went around checking out cameras. Fortunately we were able to get a small Sony 7 megapixel camera for about half the price of our lost camera. And it has more features that our previous camera. But we were still out the money that I had hoped to put toward a digital Canon Rebel single lense reflex camera.

So we got home and I eagerly went to install the image download software. But our computer still runs on Windows 98 while the software requires XP or greater. The next weekend I went to Bureau en Gros (Office Depot) and went to see what the damage would be to get XP. The store no longer carried XP because Microsoft is now only selling their new Windows Vista. OK, so I looked into what that would entail. We had been given a very old computer that we intend for the kids to play games. I figured we could install 98 on that machine then install Vista on the new one.

When I got home, I installed 98 on the old machine without a hitch. Then I started what turned out to be an incredibly long process of copying all the stuff we accumulated on our machine over to CD’s. I know there are probably other methods that could have gone much quicker, but I was going with what I knew, what I was comfortable with, and what I had at hand.

Finally tonight I had the time to see if I could install Vista. There are recommended system requirements on the side of the box, but I didn’t really ever know what our system capabilities were. After a few failed attempts, I finally learned that we don’t have enough memory. We are likely also short on RAM and missing a bunch of other utilities it recommends.

I’m not sure where to go from here. Do I try augmenting the computer to meet what Vista needs? Can I or is it a part of the computer you cannot replace like the processor? Can I return Vista so that I can buy XP through eBay for a fraction of the price? Should I just get a reader for the memory stick and not be able to use the download software? That would also mean suffering through 98 until we get another machine? I was wondering about switching over to Linux, but I’m not very computer savvy on a inner workings level. Plus I would worry about some of our programs not working on it. I’ll likely go the route of returning Vista and getting XP. I’d learn alot by upgrading the computer and fussing around with it’s inner workings, but I also don’t want to trash it.

Meanwhile I’ve already got a ton of photos to download. That’s why I’m uncharacteristically impatient to get the download software working. I still can’t believe I lost that camera.


~ by Frank on March 15, 2007.

10 Responses to “The Ordeal”

  1. If you buy a card reader you don’t need that camera software. Just take the card out of the camera, pop it in the card reader, select all recent photos and drag them to the folder where you keep your photos. It goes much faster as well.

    Vista is known for needing a new computer, but I’m not sure if you can give it back. Just get XP, I’m sure it is available for cheap, or buy a Mac instead 🙂

  2. You don’t even need a card reader. Navigate to My Computer, open the external hardware folder, and you’ll see your pics and videos there. Drag and drop to your computer.

  3. What is it with cameras and their lose-ability? Practically everyone I know has lost a camera at some point. Myself included.

    That being said, my suspicion is that yours was stolen, not lost. 😦

    Looking forward to seeing your photos.

  4. Thanks mare & Michel. I’m so eager to see if Michel’s suggestion works that I’ve been debating whether to race home during lunch to try it. It’ll hafta wait ’til first thing this evening. Then I’ll try to return Vista and likely get XP since the price isn’t as bad as I had imagined.

    Sadia, I’ve always been good about keeping cameras, but then again, they have never been this small. For me it is always sunglasses and gloves that I lose. Thats why I never pay more than $15 for a pair and always have extras on hand.

    The only possibility that it could have been stolen is if someone took it out of my coat pocket at work. I’d be surprised, but that doesn’t mean that it’s not a possibility.

  5. It’s the method I use. I also delete my photos from my card that way.
    If you really want to use an application, use Google’s Picasa. It’s free.

  6. Thanks, Michel. Worked like a charm. But I was not able to return Vista. We’ll have to decide whether we keep it for a future installation or try to sell it. Anyone?

  7. “Frank is asking a question. Do you accept?”
    “Frank has accepted the question.”

  8. OK.

    The wife and I will need to decide what to do next now that we have Vista without a computer to install it on. Is anyone interested in purchasing Vista for a slightly reduced price?

  9. I am thinking I might buy it and upgrade my PC. I need to see if my PC will accomodate it first.

  10. In addition to your computer being able to support it, I would prefer that you actually need it. We can wait until we actually need a new computer or the operating system.

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