Reality Check

I can’t say I’ve been as interested in this seasons reality shows thus far as I had been in the past.

For Survivor, it has been a case of a lack of strong characters. Usually there is always someone I can’t stand and I can’t wait for them to be voted off. And conversely there is usually someone I really like and hope goes all the way. I wish I didn’t see it so black and white like that, but it keeps my interest. It’s entertainment. So this season, there was nobody who jumped into those roles at the beginning. Rocky and Dreamz could rub people the wrong way, but I see them both as guys trying to make it with the flaws of temper or naivete.

But with the most recent episode Yau-Man has jumped out as my favorite. Expecially with the quote “Love many, trust few, do wrong to none.” I usually pull for the bright people and those with kind personalities. I’m also hoping Anthony and Earl go far. I can’t say I’m too fond of the other Asians in the game. Mookie is coming across as someone shortsighted and only concerned with voting off the person who failed on the previous challenge. Stacey’s eyerolls for Dreamz were enough for me to vote her off. Has anyone else noticed that only women have been voted off thus far? And I really like how the competition is racially diverse this season. Like in the previous one, the non-white contestants don’t stand out like back when there was only one or two per season.

As for Amazing Race – All Stars, when I saw the first episode, it seemed like they had chosen mainly teams I couldn’t stand on previous seasons. There were only Kentucky, Oswald & Danny, and Uchenna & Joyce that I knew and didn’t hate. But this second go-around with many of the teams has been much different. I actually like Teri & Ian, Dustin & Kandice (kinda), and even Rob & Amber. But Charla & Mirna still get on my every last nerve. They’re like the Weaver Family who openly taunt and criticize other teams then act surprised that everyone hates them. It’s highly unlikely they will go much further, but it’ll be more enjoyable to watch when it’s healthy competition without their whining. So Oswald & Danny are my current picks for this season. I like their “love for life” style of play and they’re good sports.


~ by Frank on March 12, 2007.

4 Responses to “Reality Check”

  1. I was a huge fan of Survivor before… but after a while… it just gets to be… I don’t know… boring… especially the first couple of episodes…
    But Yeah Yau-Man should win this one for sure!

    Oh how can you not love Rob and Amber… they rock!

  2. Rob was always too cocky for my taste. Finally this season I was starting to get used to it and actually enjoy watching his antics. I think he’s also mellowed out with all the money and attention he’s gotten. So he seemed more playful.

  3. A friend of mine hooked me up to the Amazing Race, it is way different from most other “reality shows”. Couldn’t agree with you more concerning Charla and Mirna.

  4. I think the appeal of the Amazing Race is because there is much more emphasis placed on competition, skill, and luck than the interpersonal relations. Survivor is much more about how the people interact and has much less luck involved.

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