Metroblogging Resignation

Most of you may have not noticed, but I have formally resigned from Metroblogging Montreal. This is primarily because of my lack of time, but also because I’m no longer an outsider with a unique view nor an insider with info people would crave. Citywise, my life has been uneventful since I don’t work downtown and live in the burbs. My offerings were dwindling to once or twice a month so I figured it would be better for new blood to join their ranks. And I get to save that material for my own blog. To be honest, I always had difficulty finding things that I thought would be appropriate for the blog. And that probably goes back to my lack of interesting experiences in the city.

I enjoyed being a part of Metroblogging. In addition to contributing, it helped direct people to this space who might find this stuff interesting. Andre runs a good ship. Plus it was a pleasure to post alongside Vila. And of course old-timer Zeke who introduced me to the Montreal blogging community. Then there are all the relative newbies how have injected new life into the blog. I wish them well and will continue to read.

For old times sake, if you’d like to see what I had written for the blog, here is all 51 posts that I had written. The best one was probably the one about an incident I had last winter. And this post about the viaduct collapse last fall is still a reminder for me to be vigilant. There are a couple other decent ones, but those I feel are the best.

So all the best Metroblogging. I’ll continue to read your posts.


~ by Frank on March 10, 2007.

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