Burnt Sausage

As I was driving to work today, I looked over and saw I building I know with it’s windows all boarded up. I pulled over and got out to see that one of my favorite lunch spots had a major fire. Maison du Roti had been ravaged by fire the previous afternoon. How depressing.

One of the things that I had trouble finding when I first moved here was sausage that rivalled the ones I enjoyed back home. Chicago and that area of the Midwest has high concentrations of people of German and Polish backgrounds. And I grew up in a German neighborhood, so I’ve always known and enjoyed good sausage. Even the big grocery store chains had well made flavorful sausages. Our local ones here in Montreal tend to have sausage that favors British style bangers. Quite bland.

So when I found Maison du Roti a couple years after moving here, I was ecstatic. They’re not quite the same as the bratwurst back home, but they were just as tasty. I’d walk up to the store about once a week during my lunch hour to have one of their sausage sandwiches. My treat for the week. Or I’d stop there on the way home and grab a pack to grill over the weekend. I’ve tried William Walter sausages and they are good, but are much more processed. Plus I’ve noticed my body has something akin to an allergic reaction after eating them.

It is uncertain whether the store will reopen. I really hope they do. Not only for the sausage, but for all the other great Euro-style food stuffs they carry. In the meantime, I resume my search for great sausage.


~ by Frank on March 6, 2007.

4 Responses to “Burnt Sausage”

  1. Don’t say it, Vila. Seriously, don’t. For once in your life, pretend like you have an ounce of self-respect and just keep it to yourself…

    Hey, you and me both, pal!

    (Sighs.) Dammit.

  2. Good one. It’s funny that me of all people didn’t realize that connotation when I wrote it.

  3. Geez, I was so sad when I heard about that fire. MdeR was an awesome store. Very popular, too, so I hope they will re-build.

    I’m trying to imagine the aroma of that fire…

  4. I was really surprised to hear about the fire. Partly because I should have seen the smoke from my desk. But then I remembered that we were having that snowstorm where I could barely see a block away. I would have gone over to see it if I had known.

    Yes, I really hope they rebuild. It reduced the decent places to eat lunch in the neighborhood by 25%.

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