Weight Update – Week 8

It’s been a while since I’ve had an update and it’s probably good that I did. For about three weeks after breaking the 200lbs mark I basically plateaued until last week. I can say that I am now down 15lbs from my starting weight. That is over 40% towards my goal of getting under 180lbs. As far as the wager with the blorkmeister, I have lost 6.5lbs of my stated goal of 27lbs. So I’m only a quarter of my way on that front after 5 of our 27 weeks. Still quite a long haul remaining on both fronts.

The diet has been going fairly well. Though I’ve found it to be less effective after loosing the initial weight. Part of that is because I’ve been tinkering with the diet to make it more palatteable. I now have fruit for breakfast, veggies and a substantial portion of meat for lunch, and veggies, beans, and corn for supper.

The three week plateau was primarily due to sickness, both myself and my wife. I resorted to comfort foods when I was sick and I didn’t prepare my lunches for a week and a half after. So that meant eating out at the selected few places near where I work. Plus it was wicked cold that week, so venturing out was very unappealing. Relegating me to the Libanese place in our building. Although I didn’t gain any weight during that time, my weight loss halted.

I’ve had a bit of an energy boost from the weight that I’ve lost so far. My watch is loose and my belt a bit tighter. But it hasn’t been very dramatic. I am quite curious what I would be like physically if I make it down to 180lbs again. I remember when I broke the 200lbs a few years ago. I thought that reaching that milestone would frighten me back down. Yet I managed to gain another 15lbs. But I’m curious that if lose the weight, will some parts of me remain unaltered. Will my cheeks remain the same? Will I still have the same muscle tone I have now? Will it be more pronounced? We’ll have to see.

Now that temperatures are venturing above freezing a few days a week, I’ll try to start running again. Last years attempt to get back into it was halted after I got a severe cramp in my calf. By the time it was good enough to run on again the following week, my drive had gone. So we’ll see how far I get.


~ by Frank on March 4, 2007.

2 Responses to “Weight Update – Week 8”

  1. The local Frenchness has seeped into your English spelling, I see. (Libanese!)

  2. Yeah. Actually it took me a while to determine which country Libanese was refering to. Was it Libya or Lebanon?

    And I may have mentioned this before, I have no problem writing ‘theatre’, but I have an innate feeling that writing ‘colour’ by an American is pretentious. One of my hang-ups I guess.

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