Snow Removal in Montreal – Reprise

I just checked my feeder stats and 30 of my last 100 hits were on my post about snow removal in Montreal. I guess that’s what happens on the biggest snow day of the year. For those of you who haven’t seen it, here it is.


~ by Frank on March 2, 2007.

6 Responses to “Snow Removal in Montreal – Reprise”

  1. My blog would be Houstonian in Montreal. I love your (adopted) city and created a website to say so.


  3. That post on snow removal was great on two accounts: it was very informative and interesting, and it caused me to find out about your blog — I came here through SkyscraperPage a while ago, and I’ve been coming back regularly ever since. I really enjoy your Chicago/Montreal comparisons a lot since I now live in the latter and was lucky to spend one year as a student in the former — although I’m neither American (US-er?) nor Canadian. Thanks for keeping up!

  4. Nice site, Judy. Very well done. The city has been great to discover.

    Bruno: Yes, I got quite a bit of traffic from that post and was honored that they found it interesting enough to repost. Plus I’ve always been a fan of skyscrapers. I’m also glad you find what I write here interesting. I’m guessing that you’re from France? I lived there for two separate nine months stays. Thanks for commenting and feel free to comment in the future.

  5. Frank> Almost, but not quite — I’m from Tahiti. As you might guess, the climate was quite a change for me, although spending a year in Chicago made the transition a little bit smoother. I did live in France for a couple of years before that though.

    On an unrelated note, I hope you’re happy with your switch to WordPress! Having switched myself about a month ago, I must say it’s been great so far.

  6. That’s interesting that you’re also an immigrant. In my very first post I stated the goal of this blog was to seek out others who were new to Montreal.

    I’m really starting to like WordPress. I like how I can keep up with comments, drafts, and stats. I hope they continue to develop them.

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