The Flash

Yes, I’m taking my time with this meme, but here is the fourth revelation on the five things you don’t know about me.

In the last semester of my senior year of high school, I decided that my track season of running two-mile races would not advance further than finishing a few people from the back of the pack. So I thought I would make the most of the time and try some other activities in addition to running track. I tried the pole vault, I got a job at a photo store, and still did photography and going to dance clubs at night. It was an extremely busy but fun time.

One of the other activities I joined was the spring play. Both of my parents were thespians in high school (my father played Emile de Becque in South Pacific) and I thought I’d give it a shot. I was (and still am) rather quiet, so I thought it might be good for me. Plus I thought it would be a chance to see if I had some hidden talent for acting.

The spring play was “Annie Get Your Gun”. A play I had never heard of, but I knew of very few at the time. I came to the auditions and ended up getting a very minor role with one line and became part of the entourage. As the rehearsals progressed they kept putting me up at the front of all the dance routines. I don’t think I was that great, but I picked up the moves quickly and remembered what order they were in. So they put me in front for the others to follow. Not something I was entirely comfortable with, but what could I say. I was the one who signed up for it.

So opening night came and my parents and my sister came and sat front row center. The play was progressing as well as we were capable and we came up to a number where Annie Oakley dances with the indians (I’m an Indian, Too). Backstage before the number, we were all frantically getting preparing for it. Changing costumes, touching up makeup, etc. So we come out on stage and start our number. We’re doing a faux indian dance with accompanying hooting.

Annie Get Your Gun #1
I’m the one in the center with the long black hair and the feather. My father took these during the dress rehearsal.

Suddenly I realized that my indian pants are around my ankles. The pants were basically beige sweatpants. I’ve always been a bit bigger around the middle, so I took the only pair that fit me. But the elastic was shot, so in the frantic minutes before coming on stage I found a safety pin and managed to get them to fit. But it didn’t hold.

Annie Get Your Gun #2
I’m on the far end hold up Annie.

So I quickly reached down to pick up the pants, but the damage was done. EVERYONE had seen me in my tidy-whiteys. Including my parents and my sister who were getting a good laugh out of it. But this wasn’t the end of my problems. Mid-way through the number I had to lift Annie with someone else and at the end of the number we had to lift Annie over our heads. I was one of three guys who needed to be there since the others were too small or “Annie” didn’t trust them. So I continued to follow the dance numbers, but instead of my arms folded across my chest, they were down at my beltline frantically trying to reclip that pin. It would come down to either succeeding or giving a REAL grande finale to the number.

Annie Get Your Gun #3
I’m the one under Annie’s skirt.

I managed to clip it just before I had to lift Annie unsure of whether it was done correctly or not. Luckily for me and unfortunately for this tale, the clip did hold and I made sure to bring an industrial sized one from home for future performances. In a rather funny twist, I’ve just reread the lyrics of the song. Take a look at them. I’ll have to find the script and verify that that’s what we sang. Quite a coincidence.


~ by Frank on March 1, 2007.

3 Responses to “The Flash”

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  2. This brings back those memories of that play. For me it was the funnest of them all that I was involved with through out our highschool stint. I had multiple rolls that semester. I even got to ride my unicycle. Rememeber that?

  3. That play was fun. I had a few roles in that show as well, and my usual 10 or so lines. At least you were lucky enough to NOT be in the musical the following year, for the anniversay play..what a piece of crap that was! Lol!

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