I’m not sure why I’ve been much more cognizant of my skin this winter. Is it because this winter has been shorter than previous ones? Has it been because things that I usually find unpleasant about winter such as smelly feet and static shocks are less present? It could be that I’m advancing in age, but I’d rather not acknowledge that.

But I’ve really noticed a difference this year. My skin is incredibly dry. I apply lotion to my hands about three times a day. And I can just feel the skin on the rest of my body stretching and cracking occasionally during various movements. Like when I bend down to tie my shoes, I can feel minor pricks on my back as it feels like little cracks opening up on the surface. It’s not a major annoyance, but I’d just as well do without it.

This reminds me of one of my observations after moving here. It seemed like I saw more people in their 40’s and 50’s with very wrinkled skin. Not the general wrinkling you see in people who are in their 70’s and 80’s, but skin riddled with mini wrinkles. I don’t really remember seeing this as much back in the states.

As far as I can guess, this was created by a combination of things. Most of these people appeared to be smokers and I have the impression that they all spent many extended periods out in the extreme cold uncovered. Maybe even working outdoors all winter. Of course, exposure to cold temps will have an effect on your skin, but I didn’t realize the result could be this evident this quickly. It has me concerned enough to think twice about how I dress before heading out. I’m not a vain person and I try to embrace aging, but I also don’t want to look too much older than my age.


~ by Frank on February 28, 2007.

7 Responses to “Skin”

  1. That’s why I apply lotion to my skin most every day, and have been for nearly 30 years. It keeps it baby soft, or so says Rose.

  2. It’s the sun you have to truly worry about, not the cold, as far as aging goes.

    Sun abuse and cigarettes. Quite the mix!

  3. Jonas, actually that brings up a question. When I ran track in high school, all of the black guys always covered themselves after showering with skin lotion. I always assumed it was because either their skin was more sensative or it dried out more. Do you think that’s the case, or could it just have been something that this group of guys did? Or maybe they were just smarter than I?

    Martine, Yes, the sun has always been my enemy due to my light skin. I actually don’t enjoy summer as much as others because I don’t like the greasy feeling I have to endure. Products have gotten better, but maybe it’s something burned into my memory at this point. So that is why this dry skin thing has me worried. If I have to lather up in skin lotion every winter day, it’ll mean that spring and fall will be my only lotion-free times of the year.

  4. Hi there… was wondering if you could tell me something… looking to drive from Montreal to Chicago on a US road trip next month… what is the absolute FASTEST way to go – what with highways and border crossings and stuff… we misjudged our distances so this particular part of the trip has to be done really really fast… and on average, how long a drive would you say it is???

  5. Since it is such a long drive the time can fluctuate due to many things such as speed, traffic, length of stops, and the border crossing. And don’t forget the time zone change. At a leisurely pace it should take 18 hours. At a brisk pace it would likely be 16 hours. If you floor it, it could take 14 hours.

    The fastest route is through Toronto and Michigan. You can take your pick crossing at either Sarnia or Detroit. We always thought that although the route through Sarnia is a bit longer, that we would save time at the crossing. But last summer it took two hours. They have been a bit nicer at Sarnia if that means anything.

    The scenic route through upper NY state with the mountains is nicer but takes a good two days. You could also cross over to the US at Buffalo if you want to see Niagra Falls, but that is really the only reason to go that route.

  6. Hi Frank… sorry did not get back to you earlier on this! Just wanted to say thanks for your info! Dano

  7. Don’t worry, Dano. Hope you had a good time.

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