Here’s the third revelation from the meme of a couple weeks ago. I used to frequent a gay bar. I even used a fake ID to get in.

I’ve mentioned before that I was big into going to dance clubs between my mid-teens and my mid-twenties. Before college, I would frequent a juice bar called Medusas. Although they only sold alcohol to those of age, they likely made up for lost revenue by the shear number of teens packing the place. Kids would even come in from the suburbs to check it out. I was lucky enough to live about 15 minutes away by car, so I would go as often as I had the money.

So when I went off to college, I sought out anything that would resemble that atmosphere. All of the bars in campustown were top 40 frat bars. But there was a bar off campus called C-Street that was primarily a gay bar. Now I had already been to one in Chicago with a couple of black gay friends (apparently the bouncers were willing to allow a young underage kid in with a nice face get in). But my problem was that the minimum age to get into bars in town was 19 and I was only 18. So someone showed me how to doctor up my school ID and I quickly became a regular. The music was great and I had a blast dancing my ass off. Plus I enjoyed the atmosphere. I was a mix of open minded gays and straights who all liked that kind of music. Then one day the bouncer, who had let me in plenty of times before, rejected my ID and confiscated it forcing me to wait until the following year to return to the bars since I wasn’t going to chance losing my ID again.

So that’s the third revelation. There are still a couple left.


~ by Frank on February 14, 2007.

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