A Weight Wager

As many of you may have heard, Blork and I have made a wager over who could lose the most weight relative to their goal. So the clock has started ticking with the end date in early August six months from now. In addition to the weight I’ve lost already, I’ve committed to lose another 27lbs. That would get me to 178.5 which is considered healthy for my height and frame. But I haven’t weighed that much since 1991.

It should be fun. I enjoy healthy competition and as long as Ed can keep up, it will be a great motivator to stick to the goal. Regardless of the outcome, we’ll likely both be in better shape. And we can celebrate at the end with some chocolate chai cupcakes a la Martine.


~ by Frank on January 31, 2007.

5 Responses to “A Weight Wager”

  1. It’ll be tempting to go to YULBlog just to watch you and Ed sipping plain Perrier and determinedly refusing any snacks.

  2. I’ve been allowing myself a couple reasonable meals a week off the diet plan to keep me sane. So that night may be that night. Just as long as I don’t go next door for poutine. Hope to see you there.

  3. You could always pay Martine to make more of those cupcakes.

  4. Kate, there are some things that simply will never be seen. Frank and I sipping Perrier at YULBlog is one of them!

  5. kate & andre,
    Maybe I can convince ($$$) Martine that she MUST have a late-night poutine on the way home from YULblog.

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