I Love Republicans

I must get something off my chest. I love the Republican party. They have done so much for the US and its reputation around the world. Under their leadership they have shown the world that the United States is a caring nation concerned about citizens of other countries around the world regardless of the financial consequences. They bring to justice ruthless dictators who threaten the peace of the world or those who do harm to their own people. Others may be looking out for their own personal and financial gain, but the GOP’s highest concern is the welfare of those at home and abroad.

Within the states, they have been the driving force in drawing the nation together. No longer are there ideological extremists who are ultra-conservative or ultra-liberal. America is a united force with shared values working together towards the same goals.

Today, there are so many people whose actions are dictated by an interest in amassing wealth. For themselves, their families, or their cronies. The Republican Party is a shining example of what these people should be doing instead. They fight for those less fortunate. Those people who need a helping hand when times are tough. They work toward creating a government to aid these people despite whatever burden it may have on big business. Their aim is to work for the common man and not those with expensive cars in gated communities.

Their glowing record of good deeds has won them the hearts and minds of voters across the nation and the citizens of the world. Again, others might say they share the same values as a certain segment of the population just to win votes. Preying on the faith of those who already practice faith more regularly than others. But no, the GOP genuinely shares those values and those values would be an integral part of their campaign regardless of the political fallout. They are the most morally upstanding individuals in the political arena.

They have been battling forces that may do harm against America. It has been done in secret so as not to disturb the psyche of the citizens. And they have been winning this battle. After September 11th, the forces wishing bad against the US practically disappeared. Even Ancient Babylonia and the surrounding areas, an area of conflict since the beginning of time, calmed down to where people of all backgrounds now live in peaceful proximity. After 9-11, those in power and their party could have orchestrated a massive response alienating everyone else on the planet, but those Republicans have nurtured the sympathy that the world showed the states after those horrible events.

Now, I’m not saying to blindly vote Republican. Within any group there are some less than shining stars. Take that black sheep John McCain. A man who strictly votes in a conservative mindset. We need leaders who are more free-thinking. Could you imagine if he had won the 2000 Republican primary over he who became our glorious leader?

So when you go the the polls on Tuesday, be sure to seriously consider voting Republican. They are the only honest party out there. They have won my trust.


~ by Frank on November 5, 2006.

8 Responses to “I Love Republicans”

  1. Thank you, Frank. Great post. I love sarcasm.
    I fear the arrogant actions of our country are those of an Empire on the decline…

  2. classic…thanks Frank

  3. What a douche you are…

  4. Thanks, everyone. I was originally going to write it straight up, but had more fun rewriting it like this.

    I’m glad that things got shaken up. Although my leanings are in one direction, the country is better served with a balance of ideologies that check and balance each other.

  5. Your Republican Party opinions, don’t reflect the disaster they experienced last week. While it was 51/49 Democrats, the votes show that the public is ‘fed up’ with this Party whom you say ‘captures the minds of the people.’ In short, they make me sick. I’m glad they’re out of power.

  6. Anonymous from Jersey,

    If you read between the lines, we’re on the same side of the fence. My sarcasm must have been too dry.

  7. Not sure why this showed up in my feed today, but it’s still so satirically true (maybe more) today.

  8. Tornwordo: I think I made a minor grammar correction and had to republish it. That’s why it popped up in your feed. Glad you like it.

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