One and Three-Quarter Score

That’s my age today as of early this morning. For those unfamiliar with the Gettysburg Address (the only place I’ve seen the word), a score is twenty. For those bad at math, I’m 35. This shot was a handheld self portrait back when I was half my current age.
So what does this mean. Well for me, not much. I guess I’m jumping to the next age demographic like I did five years ago. But aging has not been something I fear, at least not yet.

One reason may be because wisdom is always something I have aspired for. Money and fame have never been goals of mine, though it’s not like I would turn them away if they presented themselves. When I say wisdom I don’t necessarily mean intelligence or book smarts. But knowledge gained through experience or observation. Since you naturally gain experience over the years, age has been generally tied to wisdom. So that is why age has not frightened me. In essense I like the idea of becoming that eccentric wise old man with the wigged out hair. Imagine the professor from Back to the Future.

Does some of the other aspects of aging scare me? Regarding the prospect of reduced mobility or even reduced athletic, well, I see it as being able to spend more time on other things that interest me. When that day comes, everywhere will likely be accessible by wheelchairs anyhow. Chronic pain would be difficult to take, but would be livable as long as it is not severe. I could say that impaired senses does worry me. Although my eyes are very bad, I can see better than more people with my contacts. Losing that or my hearing would start to give me a sense of helplessness. And of course a dramatic loss of memory would be quite a blow to my psyche since I hold memory in high regard.

So maybe it is because I haven’t noticed any change in my senses, any chronic pain, or any major loss of mobility other than wear and tear that I don’t yet fear aging. That day may come, but so far not at this milestone.


~ by Frank on August 25, 2006.

13 Responses to “One and Three-Quarter Score”

  1. A very happy birthday to you! Enjoy this momentous day.

  2. Happy birthday!

    Good outlook on getting older.

  3. Thank you, both.

    I figure if I had one main thing that was important in my life that was youth dependant, I’d be more concerned. Luckily most of my interests are not. I could even play recreational volleyball into my sixties if all goes well.

  4. Happy Birthday my Son!!

    Have a GREAT DAY!!

    P.S. I guess that make me two and three quarter score!

    Frank da elder

  5. Happy Birthday!

  6. Happy Birthday, Frank!

    I always think it’s tomorrow…

    Oh, and a happy birthday to Frank da Elder, too!

  7. Happy birthday to MY sexeist men alive!?…
    I am actualy looking forward groing older with you, …or you with me… Remember when we meat, or when we lived in France we were so spontanous. Well I belive that with some work we are going to be living this way the rest of our lives no mather what (kids, jobs,families…) The futures is ours. We decid what it will be.

    Your three women loves you a reat bounch.

  8. Thanks, Dad & mrne. That score difference in age always makes it easier to remember your age.

    Thanks, John. Happy b-day and anniversary to you too. I was actually reminded that Friday was an anniversary for us also.

    And of course thanks to the love of my life. We will have to return to those crazy days of our youth. We still do those things, just not as often since we have to fit them in between nap times.

  9. Happy B-Day! 🙂

  10. Thanks, You: the Sequel.

  11. Happy belated, cuz Frank, from someone who is just a smidge older than 2 score (I can’t do the math, but I’m 10 years older than you!). Isn’t it interesting the images we have of who we want to be when we age? While you envision yourself as Dr. Brown from Back to the Future, I see myself as some fearsome chainsmoking old broad peering/glaring at someone over the top of my glasses. Well, I now have the reading glasses to peer over, but still haven’t taken up smoking. Hope I’ll be around to see if both these come true!

  12. I don’t think I would like to be married to the Professor…

    Happy BDay

  13. I keep forgetting that you stay with me for my body, not my mind.

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