The Bachelor – Building Division

Apparently they are looking for a successful, handsome, and charasmatic architect for the next in ‘The Bachelor’ series. What I don’t understand is why they aren’t looking for an architect Bachelorette. All the women architect friends I have are gorgeous. OK, they are all taken, but it would be interesting if they had a professional woman as a Bachelorette calling the shots.

I did have one run-in with the series. Back in Chicago I was at our local liquor store (Binny’s) to stock up on Maudite and Fin du Monde. As I am walking through the store, I noticed all these women dressed to the nines. It was a Thursday night and they were all gussied up like it was Saturday night at a trendy club. High heals, fancy dresses, over the top make up. Just like on the Bachelor. So as I’m walking around (it’s a big store) I realize they are in a line all giggling talking in excited tones. So I make my way over toward the wine section from the beer section. Over in the wine section is the end of the line at the back of the store. As the ladies briefly part, I realize that it is that Firestone guy who was the Bachelor that season. He had chosen a woman from Chicago and they were there to hawk his wine.

I selected my wines, glanced over a few times to remember the moment, and headed out. The thing that still amazes me is all those women. Were they really dressed up in hopes he would dump his new girlfriend (who was standing next to him) on the spot and go out with them? I guess we would all get dressed up if we wanted to see someone famous, but still. And why was it only women? Does it mean there are only women watching that show? We lived near the ‘Boystown’ neighborhood and the Pride Parade starts every year less than a block away. Why wasn’t anyone from that neighborhood there? It was a really bizarre occurance and one I’ll never forget.


~ by Frank on March 9, 2006.

7 Responses to “The Bachelor – Building Division”

  1. Unfortunately, many women still haven’t shaken that mad urgency to find a man before ovary-shrivelling commences.

    Frankly, I find the show unbelievably demeaning…all those women primping and preening to be “chosen” – UGH! – it makes my dignity wanna hurl.

  2. Dude, what’s that thing on your head?


  3. Oh yeah, what I meant to say…

    I’m with “me:the sequel” (above). Those shows are awful. They make relationships look like some kind of game of acquisition or something. It promotes the most unbelievable conformity. It’s like they extrapolate teenage crushes into adult relationships. Bleh!

    I have to confess I had fun watching the original “Joe Millionaire,” but I saw it as satire, even though it wasn’t really intended to be. I had to keep reminding myself that the audience is actually a character in the show, as the whole thing is edited around our complicity and gullibility.

  4. In full disclosure I watched each of those shows for a season or two. I have my reasons (excuses) which I think I’ll save for a post since it’s complex. I will probably see a couple episodes of this one to see who they pick (creative artist or businessman) and how they play up the architect angle.

    As for my head. I had a phase where I was into Simply Red. I wanted to get a wild ‘do’ so I went and got a perm (yes, a perm) at Curl Up ‘n Dye (where Carrie Fisher worked in Blues Brothers). They guy said they were ‘dread curls’. I looked like a red mop but it looks different in the photo because of the strong winds. Do you think they would pick that guy for the Bachelor?

  5. Ahh, Binny’s. A liquor store where they have shopping carts.

  6. The shopping carts were all the fashion with the local homeless.

    They would also pack up your bottles in the empty boxes of wine or beer. I still have a couple used in the move up here.

  7. I depise reality tv, the only one I really watch is the BBC version of “What Not to Wear”.

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