Year One

Tuesday was my one year anniversary with this blog. And it didn’t even get me a present. My present was a new look (well, just a different color).

145 posts and 4417 visits. Who knew it would come this far. Thanks everyone for stopping by and here’s to year number two. Maybe it will start walking soon.


~ by Frank on February 23, 2006.

9 Responses to “Year One”

  1. Welcome to the secret cabal of black background blog owners. People will try to tell you it’s wrong, wrong, wrong but you must resist them! They know nothing! 🙂

  2. Black is my favorite color, though blue has been slowly edging in the past few years. When I switched to blue a while back, it was only because I regularly read another blog that had the black template. Blue didn’t do much for me so WTF, black it is. I’m not one to give into peer pressure.

    Ultimately, I would love to design the page myself, but time and lack of html knowledge will keep me on the templates. I feel I’m lucky just to keep this afloat.

    There IS one disadvantage to black. The pages must be read off hours since they don’t resemble Microsoft products. But I do all my blog reading off hours anyhow. I’m just talking about our readers. 😉

  3. Happy anniversary!

  4. Martine, Thank you kindly.

  5. Here’s to a happy first, then, and many more! 🙂

  6. Grazie, Vila. I’m surprised how interested I am in this whole thing.

  7. Congrats, congrats. Happy blogversary to you. 🙂

  8. Thanks Zura and welcome back. Hope to see you Wednesday.

    Funny how it’s all the ladies with the congrats. Where are the fellas? Johnny, Paolo, Lil g, Ed, the elder?

  9. Lil’G in da house.
    Happy bloggin anniversary! Sorry I have been remiss…life is too complicated as you get older.

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