Blogger Get-Together.

Friday night I met up with a bunch of other Montreal bloggers. Sadia and Zura floated the idea and those also in attendance included Paolo, Jonas, keyofD, the Shatnerian, and myself. It was interesting because it was kinda like a blind date except we had been reading each other’s material for a while. So there was some trepidation and nervous chatter. Plus it was interesting to finally put faces, voices, and real-world character to each person’s semi-anonymous online persona. It was a wonderful evening of engaging conversation, great stories, and most of all fascinating people. Thank you very much Sadia and Zura for the invite, I hope we can all do it again soon.


~ by Frank on December 18, 2005.

2 Responses to “Blogger Get-Together.”

  1. You’re most welcome, Frank!

    I was delighted by the warm and engaging personalities I encountered – wasn’t sure what to expect but came out of the evening with a pleasant glow. 😉 I am always pleasantly surprised to meet a cool new person – to meet 5 new ones in one evening is something to write home about.

    I sense that this Breakaway Blogger meet will be a regular event – I certainly hope so.

  2. […] call ourselves the YULblog splinter cell) decided to meet up. I arrived a bit late, but in the end John, Dan, Paolo, Zura, and Sadia were there. It had the awkwardness of meeting someone on a blind date, but we were all wondering […]

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