Moving Day

Whereas May 1st and October 1st are the traditional moving days in Chicago, in Montreal it is July 1st. There are a couple benefits to this. First there will not be any snow or cold temperatures to worry about. Second, July 1st is Canada Day so everyone has the day off anyhow and can help everyone else move. Plus it can be easier to coordinate people moving in and moving out.

There are some interesting aspects to this. The popular method of moving your stuff is by open car trailer. It’s about six feet by 9 feet (2m x 3m) with a 18″ tall sides (500mm). There are a flurry of them on the road that day. The disadvantage of everyone moving on the same day is that every other street is blocked by people filling up their trucks or trailers.

This thing is intense. I saw four trailers packed with furniture and moving blankets Thursday night at 1am coming home from our softball game.


~ by Frank on July 4, 2005.

One Response to “Moving Day”

  1. Hello…Im enjoying your blog. I just came across it and its well written and quite thorough! I definitely will be back for some more.

    But I did want to add to this post. July 1st is conveniently deemed “moving day” so as to distract Quebecois from participating in Canada’s birthday. In Quebec, many believe that their country’s holiday is St.Jean Baptiste Day – the 24 of June. And if you have been there on St.Jean Baptiste, you would have seen a plethora of nationalist propaganda promoting and affirming that this is in fact Quebec’s national holiday. However, Quebec is still a province of Canada and although the independent nationalists would argue different – it does seem quite convenient that “moving day” just happened to fall on the day of our country’s national birthday.

    That is one theory and one that was widely communicated to me while living there. This is not to say I have an issue with it, nor that I am for or against it. And by no means is this a reflection of my own political ideology, I just wanted to share this interesting little tidbit that so many people shared with me when I had first moved to Montreal.


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