Programming Note

Although the stated purpose of this blog was initially to discuss differences between Montreal and Chicago, it now seems to be drifting a bit towards expousing my opinions on current events. This is partly due to having less of an outlet to discuss these topics than I had back in Chicago. Plus this is a good medium and recently a popular medium to discuss topics. I hope to keep my soap box banter to a minimum and keep posting my observations of Montreal and Chicago differences. Also some of the posts will be an FYI for people back in Chicago about the Montreal environment. This is partly because the majority of the people who I know check it out are there.

Also, my plan is to keep the number of posts to one or two a week. The idea is not to overload anyone following this on a regular basis along with having a reason to check back regularly.

Thanks for watching.


~ by Frank on June 27, 2005.

One Response to “Programming Note”

  1. Also, I think I try to keep away from the Iraq topic. It just gets us all riled up for nothing.

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