Does anyone know of any good books on the history of Montreal or Quebec? Granted I have not had or spent much time looking into it, but the times that I have, there had not been anything concise. I am looking for something in English, mainly so I am sure to understand, and also so I can read it fast. That may be my main problem. We have the historic atlas of Montreal in French which is a great resource. I have looked at Pointe à Cailiere and the Chapters downtown. I would like to learn more about this place like who da heck is Rene Levesque. Or what was the silent revolution? Any help will be greatly appreciated.


~ by Frank on May 18, 2005.

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  1. Howdy!

    I’d suggest a visit to the new Bibliotheque Nationale. Worth the trip and a reference librarian there probably could point you in the right direction.

    As for your specific questions, if you’d like a quick & dirty means, just to get up to speed:

  2. Chris,

    Thank you very much for the link to wikipedia. I had heard of it and had intended to check it out. Now, I can’t stop reading it. After reading one article, there are always three or four links to other items I want to learn about. It appears I have about 400 years of history to catch up on. It puts into perspective and clarifies many of my observations.

    Thanks again.

  3. Um, that’s the QUIET revolution, not the silent revolution…

    I quite like Desmond Morton’s “Short History of Canada”.

  4. For a history of the Montreal nightlife in the 1940s and 1950s, there’s City Unique, by William Weintraub. It was published about 10 years ago, and it’s very well written. In it you learn, among other things, how a young Jean Drapeau (who later was to become mayor of Montreal) led a legal investigation to clean up the Main…

    Rudy Giuliani must have channeled Drapeau when he cleaned up NYC in the 1990s… 😉

  5. great blog, now where can i find deep dish pizza in Montreal? the pizza here is terrible!

  6. Thanks, nightlife. Amelios is so far the best I’ve had. Otherwise, I’d have to go with Pizza Hut. Yeah, pizza here is much different than what I’m used to.

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